Agribusiness company increases billing with communication actions


Rodrigo Capella*

Two objectives have become increasingly common among Brazilians agribusiness companies: increasing sales and increasing market share.

To achieve these goals, it is fundamental that companies invest in communication actions. With well-structured planning and a differentiated project, the companies will gain relevance and, consequently, will have new clients.

In this context, the Public Relation Agency is a great ally. With the support of PR Agency, the agribusiness companies will have qualified exposure in the communication vehicles. Interviews will be scheduled on radio and TV, and articles will also be published in newspapers, websites and magazines.

Other activities of the press office include meetings with journalists and influencers during agribusiness events (such as Agrishow and Expodireto), disclosure of articles in specific cities, and visit of journalist and influencers to the client factory.

In carrying out these actions, a Brazilian agribusiness company obtained several articles published in the media (newspaper, website, magazine, TV and radio), which contributed to a ROI of exactly R$ 1.783.560.00 in the period of only one year.

This increase in visibility helped the agribusiness company to increase the number of distributors by 60% and to have more clients.

(*) Rodrigo Capella is Director of Ação Estratégica, a Brazilian Public Relation Agency that acts as an extension of the client, creating and developing communication strategies focused on results. Ação Estratégica has extensive experience in the agribusiness segment. E-mail:


Sobre Rodrigo Capella

Rodrigo Capella é diretor geral da Ação Estratégica – Comunicação e Marketing no Agronegócio. Com artigos e livros sobre agronegócio publicados no Brasil e no exterior, Capella é palestrante e influenciador digital do agronegócio. Também é editor do site Marketing no Agronegócio (
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