Marcello Chamusca, director of the portal RP-Bahia

“Brazil has an area of research in public relations much more developed than in most of the other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean”

The assessment is of Marcello Chamusca, director of the portal RP Bahia.

In interview to the blog PR Interview, Chamusca also commented about mobile digital technology.

Check out the main topics of the interview:

Marcello Chamusca, Portal RP-Bahia

PR Interview: Comparing Brazil with other Latin American countries, is there any differences in the area of communication and public relations?

Marcello Chamusca: In Brazil, any academical or market professional, in theory, need a bachelor’s degree in public relations to exercise the profession. So, to act in the market as public relations is necessary to have a university degree in the area. In the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean, only teachers must have college degree. To act in the market, in these countries, we need to have a technical level (compatible with high school in Brazil).

PR Interview: Talking about the research area in public relations, Brazil is ahead of other countries?

Marcello Chamusca: Brazil has an area of research in public relations much more developed than in most other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, the academic production in Brazil is far superior from the others.

PR Interview: Speaking now about  mobile digital technology, are the PR agencies in Brazil prepared to use this technology?

Marcello Chamusca:  The vast majority of marketing and communication agencies in Brazil are hardly prepared to work with quality in this area. The field of mobile technologies is certainly the area of today’s most prominent and greater growth prospects in the coming years.

PR Interview: Do the PR professionals have the necessary knowledge to operate with mobile digital technology?

Marcello Chamusca: Most times it works on the basis of feeling and of course, in the attempt and error.

PR Interview: To finish up, what is missing to a brazilian PR professional?

Marcello Chamusca: We need to get rid of the demand of having a diploma to the exercise of the PR profession, so that competent people from other areas can act and spread its importance in the organizational context, and also quench for once the class council in the country so that the term ‘public relations’ can spread inside the companies. With these two issues resolved, certainly, we would reach the desired level of market valorization and social recognition of the profession in the country.

Sobre Rodrigo Capella

Diretor da Pólvora PR, Especialista em Comunicação Digital e autor de diversos livros, Capella já ministrou, desde 2008, mais de 350 palestras e cursos em empresas e universidades, como Banco do Brasil, Novartis, ESPM, FMU, Anhembi Morumbi, Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Estado de São Paulo e no Congresso Internacional para Líderes da Comunicação. Além disso, o profissional foi professor de Comunicação Digital da pós-graduação da PUC-PR, da UNA-BH e da Universidade Anhembi Morumbi-SP.
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