João Rodarte, CEO of CDN Comunicação Corporativa (Brasil)

“In a PR Agency, experience is more important than modernity”.

The analysis is of João Rodarte, CEO of CDN Comunicação Corporativa.

In an interview to the blog PR Interview, the executive also talks about the 25 year celebration of CDN and reveals that “if it wasn’t the account of Secom, CDN’s Office in Washington would not be healthy”.

Check out the main topics of the interview:

PR Interview: Is the metting with journalists still effective for publishing news?

João Rodarte: Without a doubt. This is Public Relation pure. It is what we do.

João Rodarte, CEO of CDN

PR Interview: What is more important in a PR Agency: experience or modernity?

João Rodarte: Different from an advertising agency, in a PR agency is undoubtedly much more experience. The basis of our work is the relationship, so knowledge is very important.

PR Interview: Does CDN have a new international plan for 2012?

João Rodarte: Our office in Washington will be very strategic. If it was not for the account of Secom, the Office in Washington wouldn’t be healthy. Therefore, we have to bring more clients to Washignton and use it as a bridge to bring more clients to Brazil.

PR Interview: In 2012, CDN completes 25 years. Is this an important argument to bring clients or not?

João Rodarte: For sure! Clients want to realize this experience, the know-how, before hiring a PR Agency. They increasingly want to hire a company that develops strategic and annual plans. Hardly, someone with little experience can maintain an agency for a long time.

PR Interview: To finish up, how will the commemoration of CDN´s 25 years be?

John Rodarte: We will have events with clients and actions on social media during this year. In addition, we launched the seal of 25 years.

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