Shawn Ramsey, principal of Crossroads PR (United States)

“While creating a company or brand persona for social media is acceptable, creating a fake profile to publish positive comments is unethical and unacceptable”.

That is the opinion of  Shawn Ramsey, principal of Crossroad PR.

Read the interview:

PR Interview: How does the SEO service offered by Cross Roads work? Have the clients hired?

Shawn Ramsey: Many traditional search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns are not integrated with public relations, limiting their long-term effectiveness. Crossroads PR works in tandem with a client’s SEO strategy to ensure that PR content (i.e., press releases, media room on web site, media pitches, etc.) contributes to the overall goal of increasing a company’s visibility on the web among target audiences and key influencers.

Crossroads PR employs a variety of tactics to ensure PR content is search engine friendly. First and foremost, Crossroads PR becomes knowledgeable with a client’s SEO/PPC strategies so they can be mirrored in all PR efforts – this information is reflected in the SEO and PR Strategy document that outlines information such as target keywords and corresponding web pages, among other information. We also continuously review web analytics tracking to see how press releases and other PR generated content is performing (traffic generated, referring sites, etc.) to ensure our SEO/PR strategies remain successful.

Other SEO-related PR services include the creation of effective title and META description tags, executing strategies for getting new web content indexed quicker, advanced keyword research to gain insight into search behaviors and generate new topics for blog posts, byline articles, press releases, etc., and the implementation of a PR-driven linking strategy focused on showcasing industry thought leadership.

PR Interview: Tell me about the Message Development Service. How does it work?

Shawn Ramsey: A clear, concise and credible corporate positioning statement and supportive messages serve as the framework for communicating with an organization’s key audiences. The first step in effectively developing and/or fine tuning an organization’s corporate messaging is to fully understand their target audience(s), the verticals or industries they are targeting, and their key influencers.

Once we have a clear understanding of those targets and their influencers, we can move on to developing effective key messaging. Crossroads PR starts with a brainstorm session, where we work closely with internal stakeholders to better understand our client’s corporate strategy, objectives, sales and marketing strategies, and product development pipeline, as well as the company’s history, challenges, successes, and other relevant background. Based upon this messaging session and other research, we will fine tune and/or develop a company boilerplate as well as a set of key messages that will serve as the framework for all communications for all channels including social media. Once finalized, Crossroads PR can lead a key message workshop with internal stakeholders to ensure all messages are delivered consistently and effectively.

A strong message foundation is just as important with social media as any other communication medium. Obviously, PR content must be crafted with each specific medium in mind. While the words may not be exactly the same, all of that content should reflect those key messages.

Shawn Ramsey, principal da Crossroads PR

Shawn Ramsey, principal of Crossroad

PR Interview: What do you think about the PR agencies that create fake profiles in the social media just to publish positive comments about a specific brand?

Shawn Ramsey: Transparency is so important today, especially when it comes to social media.  While creating a company or brand persona for social media is acceptable, creating a fake profile to publish positive comments is unethical and unacceptable. I have a hard time imagining a good PR agency ever recommending and/or condoning that.

PR Interview: How does the Mobile PR work in the USA?

Shawn Ramsey: There has been a lot of buzz about Mobile PR, but I am not sure it has yet lived up to that buzz. Crossroads PR certainly understands the importance and popularity of mobile communications, and while we ensure that all PR content we develop is optimized for mobile devices, we honestly haven’t seen a huge demand and/or interest from clients or media for mobile-specific campaigns.

PR Interview: To finish up, can you comment one or two Crossroad’s PR cases in social media?

Shawn Ramsey: We do a lot of social media work for our clients including support for blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, online communities/forums and more. Here is one example that integrates several of those social media elements.

Crossroads PR recently designed and managed a truly integrated marketing campaign for its client Ajinomoto Amino Science, with the goal of building brand awareness, educating the marketplace, and growing its sales pipeline.  Social media played a key role in this campaign, working with other elements including interactive marketing, online advertising, SEO, and traditional public relations.

We started by developing a list of more traditional key industry influencers including media contacts, industry thought leaders, academia contacts, scientific editorial advisors, and prospective customers. Then, we developed a list of online influencers including bloggers, scientific communities, forums, professional groups and industry organizations.

We designed and executed an integrated campaign to introduce all of these influencers to Ajinomoto and its services and offerings. We heavily leveraged social media components, with a strong emphasis on LinkedIn to nurture relationships with industry influencers and educate the marketplace, and Youtube to promote the educational video. Those social media efforts definitely helped us get the campaign video, whitepaper, and case studies in the hands of key decision makers at target organizations and other industry influencers.

Social Media helped drive 1,400 visitors to the campaign landing page, with 89.62% of those as new visitors. Other successes included:

  • Whitepaper downloaded approximately 200 times; 35% of downloads represented active new business leads
  • Online R&D forum post about the video garnered over 100 views, received 5-star rating, and ranked as #4 driver in web traffic.
  • BioCrowd named Ajinomoto “Video of the Week” and promoted via Twitter to thousands of followers.
  • LinkedIn ranked as the #10 traffic driver.

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Diretor Geral da Ação Estratégica, Assessor de Imprensa e Estudioso da Comunicação Digital, Rodrigo Capella já ministrou, desde 2008, mais de 350 palestras e cursos em eventos, associações, empresas e universidades, como Banco do Brasil, Novartis, Rotary Club, ESPM, FMU, Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Estado de São Paulo, Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Estado do Pará, Congresso Internacional para Líderes da Comunicação, Social Media Vale do Paraíba e Seminário “Mídias Digitais e Transformação Social”, realizado em Aracaju pelo Governo de Sergipe. Além disso, o profissional foi professor de Comunicação Digital da pós-graduação da PUC-PR, da UNA-BH e da Universidade Anhembi Morumbi-SP. Capella é também autor de diversos livros, como “Assessor de Imprensa: fonte qualificada para uma boa notícia” e de “Rir ou Chorar”, biografia do cineasta Ricardo Pinto e Silva coordenada por Rubens Ewald Filho. E-mail:
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