David Landis, president of Landis Communications (United States)

Landis Communications

How is the routine of the CEO of one of the most important PR agencies of the United States? David Landis, president of Landis Communications, is the one who will answer this and other questions to the readers of PR Interview.

Landis Communication Team

Lover of  Tom Jobim, Maria Bethania, Caetano Veloso and Elis Regina´s song, among others, David is a musician. “The music and the arts in general make us more creative. Having a background in Journalism or Public Relations is not enough”.

PR Interview: Landis Communication works with costumers from different areas. In your opinion, a PR agency can not focus on just one segment?

David Landis: It is very beneficial for the agency and for the employees as well, when the agency works in various segments. An idea  used with one costumer can be a light for another work. In addition, employees are more committed because they are constantly learning.

PR Interview: Having the headquarter in San Francisco is a great advantage over the competition?

David Landis: Yes, it is an advantage. San Francisco is known for innovation. Many startups are based in this region and foster a sound economy.

PR Interview David, how is your routine in the agency?

David Landis: One day is not like another. But let me give an example. In one day, I worked on two new contracts (education program for children and a new art school), I had lunch with a costumer who may return to work with us and I had a metting with my employees. In addition, I signed checks and monitored our cash flow. I also devoted time to work with our division of SEO to optimize the search of our website. Furthermore, I did volunteer work and reviewed a proposal of a potential customer.

PR Interview: David, you are a musician. How can the music help you during the PR work?

David Landis: The music and the arts in general make us more creative. Having a background in Journalism or Public Relations is not enough. The music makes me see the world in a different way and helps me create new actions for customers.

PR Interview: To finish up, you have just told me that you are a big fan of Brazil and its music. Which Brazilian cities have you been to?

David Landis: I love Brazil and I have visited your country twice. In the first time I went to Rio de Janeiro and Foz do Iguaçu, and in the second I went to Sao Paulo, Fernando de Noronha, Salvador (my favorite) and back to Rio and Foz do Iguaçu. In Brazil, people are amazing, friendly, outgoing and warm. But what really attracts me is the music: Tom Jobim, Maria Bethania, Caetano Veloso, Elis Regina (and her daughter), Cartola, Ivete Sangalo and Djavan are my favorites. I would like to return to Brazil “in a New York minute”, or at any time.

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Sobre Rodrigo Capella

Rodrigo Capella é diretor geral da Ação Estratégica – Comunicação e Marketing no Agronegócio. Com artigos e livros sobre agronegócio publicados no Brasil e no exterior, Capella é palestrante e influenciador digital do agronegócio. Também é editor do site Marketing no Agronegócio (www.marketingnoagronegocio.com.br).
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2 respostas para David Landis, president of Landis Communications (United States)

  1. David, thanks for visiting and commenting the post. I hope meet you here in Brazil. Hugs, Rodrigo Capella.

  2. David Landis disse:

    Rodrigo – thank you for your post and for making me sound intelligent. I’m currently (thanks to my dear Brazilian friend Ze Schiavoni) watching and listening to a wonderful “Duet” DVD starring Ivette Sangalo. Long live Brazil – and its marvelous musicians and PR pros! Cheers, David

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