Mauro Lopes, managing partner of MVL (Brazil)

Do you agree with home office? Mauro Lopes, managing partner of MVL, believes that this formula is very interesting. “In a city like São Paulo, if we do not lose one, two or three hours in traffic, we have more  quality of life”, he explains.

Mauro Lopes

Check out the main parts of the interview:

PR Interview: You were very challenged when you exchanged, in 2007, the account of  Gol to TAM. Do you regret?

Mauro Lopes: Gol was a client of enormous significance in our history. It was a great privilege  to help build the brand of a company that has radically changed the paradigm in their industry. We learned a lot. The management of the crisis arising from the crash of Flight 1907 in September 2006 was a great example of compassion and mobilization of an intensity I will never forget. MVL went to TAM due to an invitation of the former VP of Gol, David Barioni, who became president of TAM. The goal was to help rebuild the brand, after the revolution in the industry. I think we had a great experience.

PR Interview: In your opinion, a PR agency can choose their customers and say “no” to a prospect?

Mauro Lopes: We can always choose, always. We can say “no” to a prospect if we see that the project is connected with illegal actions or people´s embarrassments. For instance, I wouldn’t feel comfortable having a client that works with manufacture of weapons or tobacco.

PR Interview: Employees of a PR agency can make home office?

Mauro Lopes: Yes! Definitely yes! We are currently implementing a program of home office. We love it. In a city like São Paulo, if we do not lose one, two or three hours in traffic, we have more  quality of life. Having lunch at home during the week is an experience that seemed to belong to the last century, at least in big cities, and is a value difficult to measure. Just to speak in two benefits.

PR Interview: How does the home office work per se?

Mauro Lopes: In MVL, we like home office. But a company that provides complex services, like we do, with a technological interface, home office is not simply stay at home once a week. It is a program that requires adjustments, support, rituals and routines.

PR Interview: To finish, MVL is preparing a launch of a new product?

Mauro Lopes: Yes, we are finishing new products in various areas or fronts: training, monitoring and construction processes messages. I think that customers and the market will have some  exciting news.

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Sobre Rodrigo Capella

Diretor da Pólvora PR, Assessor de Imprensa e Estudioso da Comunicação Digital, Rodrigo Capella já ministrou, desde 2008, mais de 350 palestras e cursos em eventos, associações, empresas e universidades, como Banco do Brasil, Novartis, Rotary Club, ESPM, FMU, Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Estado de São Paulo, Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Estado do Pará, Congresso Internacional para Líderes da Comunicação, Social Media Vale do Paraíba e Seminário “Mídias Digitais e Transformação Social”, realizado em Aracaju pelo Governo de Sergipe. Além disso, o profissional foi professor de Comunicação Digital da pós-graduação da PUC-PR, da UNA-BH e da Universidade Anhembi Morumbi-SP. Capella é também autor de diversos livros, como “Assessor de Imprensa: fonte qualificada para uma boa notícia” e de “Rir ou Chorar”, biografia do cineasta Ricardo Pinto e Silva coordenada por Rubens Ewald Filho. E-mail:
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